Cell lines

A 6 day-old human blastocyst (Image: K. Hardy/Wellcome Images)


UK asks to use CRISPR on human embryos

By Fiona BARRY

UK scientists have applied to the country’s fertility regulator for permission to use CRISPR and other genome editing techniques on human embryos.

Turns out Edwin Starr was wrong - Veterans suited to biopharma says Texas A&M

Veterans suited to pharma says Texas A&M

By Gareth Macdonald

Army training is ideal preparation for a biopharma career according to the US National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing, which is seeking former military personnel interested in learning about bioprocessing.

The mAbs has been approved to begin clinical trials

CNS drugmaker teams with CDMO on ALS mAb candidate

By Fiona BARRY

CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organisation) Goodwin Biotechnology is working with CNS biotech Q Therapeutics to produce mAbs for a clinical trial to treat motor neuron disease.

apceth is the latest firm to form a CAR T-cell collab

German firm joins CAR-T party

By Fiona BARRY

German biopharma apceth has announced a CAR T-cell immunotherapy partnership with the University of Cologne.