Green chemistry yet to attract drug industry

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How green was my Valium? Not very, despite industry claims

By Gareth Macdonald

Making active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is a dirty business and you’d have to be pretty green to believe claims drug industry 'demand' will create a $100bn market for environmentally-friendly production methods by 2020.

Some industry experts are doubting if consolidated companies can provide the same services as their former selves.

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CMO consolidation: Do biopharma partners see any benefits?

By Zachary Brennan

As contract manufacturers continue to consolidate, some in the industry are questioning whether the resulting companies have the ability to offer the same services as the former individual companies. 

ZMapp is produced with tobacco-plant based mAbs. (Picture: Kevin Bercaw)

CMO Kentucky Bioprocessing grows Ebola mAb from tobacco

By Fiona BARRY

ZMapp, the experimental Ebola therapy given to a handful of infected patients in West Africa, is being produced in tobacco plants for Mapp Biopharmaceutical by CMO Kentucky Bioprocessing in collaboration with drugmaker Defyrus.

Institutional investors decry US battle over biosimilars

Institutional investors decry US battle over biosimilars

By Zachary Brennan

As Celltrion announced Monday that it filed the first monoclonal antibody for approval with the US FDA, investor groups are crying foul over some of the tactics used by others in industry to discourage the uptake of biosimilars in the US.

Shire's Board succumbs to AbbVie's $53bn bid

Shire's Board succumbs to AbbVie's $53bn bid

By Dan Stanton

The acquisition of Shire for £31bn ($53bn) has moved a step closer but reliance on third party suppliers would only add two facilities to AbbVie's biomanufacturing network.

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