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Kite to culture cells for CAR-T therapies in system that replicates natural growth environment

CAR-T therapy developer Kite Pharma has licensed rights to a culturing system that replicates conditions in the thymus from researchers at the University of California.

Modular production facilities 'the future of all biologics,' says GE

Fresh from completing an off-the-shelf JHL plant and signing a $350m facility deal with Pfizer, GE believes modular bioprocessing could be the future. 

Epirus hands Remicade biosimilar rights to Reliance Life Sciences

Epirus Biopharmaceuticals has handed rights to its Remicade (infliximab) biosimilar to Reliance Life Sciences (RLS).

J&J feeling biosimilar impact but no plans to outsource Remicade production

Janssen will keep production of its monoclonal antibody Remicade (infliximab) in-house despite encroaching biosimilar competition in the US.

Faron selects humanisation partner Abzena to make cancer antibody

Abzena will make Faron's drug candidate Clevegen - an antibody that neutralises a subset of immune cells linked to tumor proliferation - at a recently acquired single-use facility in California.

Single-use driving double digit growth for Pall and Sartorius

Bioprocess equipment vendors Pall and Sartorius have each cited demand for single-use technologies as a growth driver in the first half 2016.

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