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How Biosynth is coming to CPHI North America with an 'even bigger toolbox'

By Isabel Cameron

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After two major acquisitions, Biosynth is coming to CPHI North America ready to tell the industry about its enhanced capabilities and connect with new and existing customers.

BPR: What new products or innovations is your company showcasing at CPhI North America this year? 

With the new acquisitions over the past 2 years, Biosynth comes to CPHI North America this year with an even bigger tool box. Along with our novel chemiluminescent and fluorescent small molecule enzyme substrates, two of our newest and most innovative products come from our enzyme development laboratories: 

Catalase ECAT01 is an enzyme supplement for media plates that offers a more effective and reliable solution for safe and secure environmental monitoring of sterilization in clean rooms, isolators, or production facilities by also removing remaining traces and spots of high concentration of H2​O2​. A proprietary potent and stable alternative to chemical neutralizers such as pyruvate - for the utilization in environmental monitoring applications. 

Biosynth's Phospholipase D is a Halal and Kosher Food grade bulk enzyme with one of the most competitive activity rates on the global market and is distinguished in being manufactured in Europe. Phospholipase D can be harnessed to synthesize critical raw materials, notably phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine has shown is an important functional ingredient in reducing cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the field of nutraceuticals. This enzyme is perfect for use in food, diagnostic, therapeutic and nutraceutical industries worldwide.

BPR: What are you hoping to achieve from the event?  

Connecting with our customers from across the US and beyond to find out more about their needs and sharing some of the newest updates to our capabilities, including expanded chemicals manufacturing and expertise in polymer chemistry and GMP bioconjugate production.  

BPR: How does your company stay ahead of industry trends and developments in the pharmaceutical sector? 

The most important thing for us is continual, open communication with our customers and collaborators, so are adapting to their needs and concerns. With a global customer base across pharma, vaccines and diagnostics, there are common themes as well as aspects that a more sector specific. Biosynth’s development teams in complex chemistry, biocatalysis, bioconjugates and peptides can use their combined expertise and feedback to make sure we are ready to address concerns and develop new solutions in a multidisciplinary way.  

BPR: What challenges is your company currently facing in the pharmaceutical market, and how are you addressing them? 

We are seeing a continued move across pharma to seek flexible and robust partners who are able to respond quickly to changing needs and still mitigate supply disruption. In order to do this, we have been putting in place a number of improved processes and expanded capabilities, meaning we can support more complex projects, at a greater range of scales. We are also challenged and invigorated by the environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus that the industry is applying. Being able to offer a wide variety of biocatalytic routes for production of chemicals means a fundamentally more sustainable process and we are excited to be championing that.  

BPR: What strategies does your company employ to ensure the quality and safety of its pharmaceutical products? 

A quality first approach is the way we ensure continued focus on the standards and expectations across the organisation. We have implemented a global ISO system across our global sites as well as continuing to add GMP facilities, which are now in Switzerland, Berlin, UK and Netherlands. This enables GMP supply of chemicals, peptides and bioconjugates from one supplier.

BPR: Can you discuss any plans for expansion or market growth that your company has in the pipeline? 

Following our acquisition of VIO Chemicals at the end of last year, we are excited to be fully integrating their offering and networks of multi-ton manufacturing. This helps to give our customer greater scales of supply with the same quality and partners and means that we can take early chemical route scouting and development through across scales and quality for critical raw material supply. 

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