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Tokyo team developing stroke vaccine

By Phil Hoad

Japanese researchers have developed a peptide vaccine with the potential to protect the brain when administered prior to a stroke, according to a study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference.

Best before... Image: StanleyD

Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress - Brussels, Belgium

Short shelf-life poses problems for cell therapy makers, Chiesi

By Dan Stanton

The shelf life of a cell therapy product is crucial in determining a firm’s manufacturing strategy according to the makers of the first approved stem-cell based drug.

Japan’s PuRec to supply mesenchymal stem cells

Japan’s PuRec to supply mesenchymal stem cells

By Wang Fangqing

Regenerative medicine developers now have a new supplier for mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), the multipotent stromal cells derived from marrow and other tissues like muscle and dental pulp for tissue repair.

Only female mosquitoes spread malaria

CRISPR editing gives mosquitoes malaria-resistant DNA

By Fiona BARRY

Scientists trying to curb malaria deaths usually concentrate on preventing mosquito bites or developing human vaccines and therapies, but novel gene-editing tool CRISPR is opening up another path.

Grange Castle business park with a view of Pfizer's facility

Pfizer to hire 130 in Ireland

By Fiona BARRY

Pfizer has announced an extra 90 production jobs at Dublin’s Grange Castle biomanufacturing site, adding to the 40 hires it plans for its API facilities in Cork, Ireland.