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PDS staff adjusting a capsule machine. Photo courtesy of NIH

NIH’s PDS suspends manufacturing operations

By Zachary Brennan

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Pharmaceutical Development Section (PDS), which manufactures products for clinical trials, has suspended operations due to the discovery of serious manufacturing problems and contamination by US FDA inspectors.

NMR is used at the Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research (Image: Matt DeLorme)

Measuring mAbs with magnetic resonance can help regulatory testing

By Anthony King

US researchers have discovered the most precise method yet for measuring the structure of monoclonal antibodies.   The technique gives manufacturers and regulators a way of assessing and comparing the performance and quality of mAbs using nuclear magnetic...

Vaxxas secures funding for clinical trials of nanopatch delivered vaccines

update: WHO says tech like Nanopatch can help get vaccines to the people that need them

Vaxxas raises $20m for nanopatch vaccine trials

By Gareth Macdonald

Vaccine patch firm Vaxxas has raised $20m (€17.7m) to fund clinical development of its pipeline of influenza, polio and bacterial infection vaccines.

Renewed interest in CAR-T therapies makes the market a hot one.

CAR-T race heats up with flurry of new deals

By Zachary Brennan

The hype around developing new CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor transduced T) cell therapies, which can fight cancers by modifying patients’ immune cells, seemed to hit a new high this week, with two partnerships and an acquisition.

The comments might just be the tip of the iceberg

Amgen, Pfizer weigh in on EMA draft guideline on biosimilars

By Zachary Brennan

Biopharma heavyweights Amgen, Pfizer and a number of other companies offered their unique takes on the biosimilar draft guidance from the EMA, calling for more clarity and some new additions before the final draft takes effect.

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