Innovation in Drug Delivery

Innovation in Drug Delivery

Innovations in drug delivery never stop and constant progress continues way past the oral route with the development of implants, patches, syringes as well as solutions for transdermal, topical, and oral drug delivery systems that target diseases, provide pain management, address skin conditions, and are used as gastrointestinal aids. These varying solutions for drug delivery applications are in higher demand than ever because of the aging population, an increase in chronic disease, and patients’ increased access to safe and convenient care. This webinar will hear from experts and what their thoughts are on the ever-evolving market.


Todd Asmuth Todd Asmuth President and Chief Strategy Officer
Shine Technologies

John Maher John Maher Chief Scientific Officer
Leucid Bio

Cameron Owen Cameron Owen, MS, MHA CEO and co-founder

Gil Roth Gill Roth President
Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association

Isabel Cameron Isabel Cameron Reporter

Liza Laws Liza Laws Senior Editor