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AI at DIA 2024: GiftHealth unveils game-changing patient support innovations

By Liza Laws

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Get ready for a big reveal at the DIA conference in San Diego as GiftHealth introduces its latest AI-enabled features designed to revolutionize patient care.

John Romano, president, and co-founder, shares exclusive insights into how these innovations are set to tackle industry challenges and enhance patient outcomes.

Can you share any new products or services your company is unveiling at this year’s DIA?

The Gifthealth team continues to innovate and develop tools to improve the medication access journey for patients. The team recently launched an AI-enabled patient education and support feature.  This feature provides patients with educational support and the ability to navigate their checkout experience at any time of the day, with no wait times.

Addressing Industry Challenges

How do your latest innovations address current challenges in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries?

Our latest innovations are designed to tackle several key challenges in these industries. The AI-enabled patient education and support feature helps reduce bottlenecks in patient support services, providing instant assistance and guidance. This improves patient experience and ensures they have access to accurate information and support 24/7, addressing accessibility issues and timely assistance.

How are you navigating the evolving regulatory landscape in the pharmaceutical industry?

GiftHealth stays ahead of regulatory changes by maintaining a robust compliance program that continuously monitors and adapts to new regulations. Our dedicated regulatory team collaborates closely with our internal counsel and all state pharmacy boards to ensure our operations comply with the latest requirements.  

Ensuring global compliance

What steps is your company taking to ensure compliance with the latest global regulatory requirements?

We employ a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance, including regular training for our staff, thorough audits, and the implementation of compliance management software. These steps help us to proactively identify and address any potential compliance issues, ensuring that we meet all regulatory standards. Gifthealth has a team of excellent pharmacists who stay up to date with all industry changes and trends.

Can you discuss any recent initiatives focused on improving patient outcomes and experiences?

The company was founded around the principle of putting the patient first.  Our recent initiatives focus on enhancing patient outcomes through timely interactions and financial transparency.

Timely Interactions

We've implemented a streamlined communication platform and a 24/7 helpline, ensuring patients receive prompt support for their medication queries and urgent needs. Additionally, we leverage data analytics to determine the optimal timing, method, and frequency of communications with various patient groups, ensuring our timely and effective interactions.

We provide clear information about medication costs, insurance coverage, and a financial assistance program to help patients manage expenses. This transparency allows patients to focus on their health without financial stress.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to improving patient experiences and outcomes by providing timely support and financial clarity.

Integrating Patient Feedback

John Romano

How is patient feedback integrated into your product development process?

Patient feedback is central to our product development process. We have established multiple channels for collecting patient input, including surveys, direct feedback from our patient care representatives, and direct feedback through our digital platforms. This feedback is analyzed and incorporated into our development cycles to ensure that our products and services meet our patients' actual needs and preferences.

What major trends do you see shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly adopting solutions like telehealth and AI to enhance patient care and streamline operations. Another emerging trend is the shift toward direct cash offerings for patients, which ensures price transparency. This approach benefits patients, employers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing strong financial control and transparent pricing structures.

Addressing Industry Challenges

What are the biggest challenges your company is currently facing, and how are you addressing them?

Most healthcare companies agree that reimbursement challenges from payers, especially for branded medications, create significant barriers to patient care. We understand these challenges but take the path of innovation to work alongside the industry hurdles. We implement advanced technology solutions and collaborate closely with partners to streamline processes, ensuring that patients can access their medications without undue financial stress. Our commitment to innovation helps us navigate these challenges effectively, improving patient outcomes and maintaining financial transparency.

How is your company incorporating digital transformation into its business model?

Digital transformation is at the core of our business model. We leverage technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics to optimize our operations, enhance patient engagement, and improve overall efficiency. Our digital platforms are designed to provide a seamless and integrated experience for both patients and healthcare providers.  

Role of Digital Health and Telemedicine

What roles do digital health solutions and telemedicine play in your company's offerings?

The company was founded as a digital medication access platform. This is at the core of everything we do. GiftHealth partners with multiple companies to provide medication access to their patients. Our platform integrates seamlessly with telehealth services, ensuring patients receive their medications quickly and efficiently following a telehealth consultation. By collaborating with telehealth providers, we enhance the overall patient experience and support continuity of care.

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