Why Sirio is bringing its nutraceutical combinations to a pharma setting

By Isabel Cameron

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At last month’s CPHI Barcelona, Sirio launched its new ready-to-market menopause and eye health softgels in a bid to collaborate with over the counter (OTC) brands and large pharmacy chains looking to advance to market faster.

The company ​ has held a European GMP license for the production of pharmaceutical softgels in its German manufacturing site since 1996.

“We were looking for hot consumer health concerns and these categories were key in our reports and analysis. We’ve also had requests from customers asking us for formulations addressing these two concerns,” Sirio head of brand Maria Pavlidou told BioPharma Reporter at the event.

“So this was the idea with our two softgels. We have already formulated them so if someone likes the idea, they can launch them as they are and run with it.”

While Pavlidou admits CPHI has a very strong pharma focus, she has seen more companies keen to address consumer health concerns – mainly due to the appealing shorter development times

“It’s a category that is growing a lot and we wanted to bring relevant concepts that would resonate with the CPHI audience. There is a real demand and I find it energizing and creative to work in this space," she said. 

“Our ideas and concepts are beneficial for typical pharmaceutical companies who are addressing consumer health – as we offer speed and agility. They can be much quicker to market. We are also learning about the more structured approach in the pharma industry, so there is a very nice cross pollination between the two segments."

Moving forward, Pavlidou says the Sirio team is ‘constantly’ looking at novel, nutraceutical combinations in a soft gel that is produced under pharmaceutical conditions.  

The company’s manufacturing capabilities also ensure that pharma partners maintain the same quality and standard, ‘no matter if its standard treatments or consumer health,’ Pavlidou adds.

Sirio’s menopause softgel was developed in response to the wider market demands for plant-based products and contains evening primrose oil.

“Menopause is such a hot topic at the moment and there is so much more awareness which is fantastic. It’s a very relevant category,” Pavlidou says.

"The product is a small capsule size and makes for a much nicer consumer experience. You don’t have to swallow a bulky long capsule. With primrose oil, it offers a natural of taking care of your menopause symptoms.”

Women’s health products are a key growth area for Sirio, with the company looking to launch additional products in the category next year.

“It’s a great opportunity because you can accompany women through their different life stages. From PMS symptoms to pregnancy, maternity and then menopause – there is great scope,” Pavlidou adds.

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