Beyond mammalian culture: ABEC’s single-use range to cover microbial fermentation

By Flora Southey

- Last updated on GMT

Bioprocessing vendor ABEC has added microbial fermentation capabilities to its single-use line.

The firm’s custom single run (CSR) bioreactor range – traditionally designed for mammalian cell cultivation – has expanded to accommodate the manufacture of therapeutic proteins and vaccines using microbial organisms.

“ABEC’s new CSR fermentation technology enables true microbial single-use fermentation at the largest scale available in the market – 1,000L,”​ spokesperson Susan Cooper-Curcio told us.

According to Cooper-Curcio, the vast majority of single-use bioreactors in use are created for mammalian cell culture, and not microbial fermentation.

“One limiter of single-use adoption for microbial fermentation is poor performance at large scale.”  

However the company said it is well-versed in dealing with these hurdles in stainless steel fermentation systems: “With single-use systems, ABEC has leveraged that know-how and has further developed proprietary solutions to address these new challenges.”

The extended line will be made at ABEC facilities in the US and Ireland.

Last month​, the company announced it had added a cleanroom to its manufacturing facility in Fermoy, Ireland, to make single-use bioreactor bags – known at ABEC as disposable containers (DCs).

Three years ago​, ABEC launched a 4,300L single-use bioreactor, which was the largest on the market at that time.

The company has since increased​ its offering to 4,900L.

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