SIDMAP expands with new lab facility

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Metabolic profiling company SIDMAP has opened a new laboratory in
West Los Angeles, California, US.

The new lab provides additional space for SIDMAP researchers and scientists to conduct profiles in order to help clients more efficiently identify, select, and develop optimal disease targets, biomarkers, and drug candidates.

SIDMAP is a service based consulting and drug-testing company that uses stable isotope tracers to analyse human disease mechanisms and drug effects at the molecular level.

The company makes use of a proprietary metabolome mapping technology to show pharmaceutical companies how drug candidates exert desired and undesired effects downstream from their targets. This can speed up drug development and time to approval - identified as the primary way to improve R&D productivity in the drug industry.

A SIDMAP profile provides an accurate metabolic analysis of a compound's biological impact using both in vitro​ and in vivo​ systems, before a company spends millions of dollars on development and clinical trials.

The metabolome mapping technology can also be used in a diagnostic setting to identify disease through disease-specific metabolic patterns.

Dr Laszlo Boros, SIDMAP​'s chief scientific advisor, said the new laboratory has the latest gas chromatography instruments, mass spectrometers, and other equipment "necessary to produce the highest quality results for our customers."

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