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Atara licenses T cell therapy to Pierre Fabre for up to $640 million

By Jonathan Smith

As it extends its cash runway, the cell therapy developer Atara Biotherapeutics has expanded a partnership with Pierre Fabre Laboratories to commercialize the off-the-shelf T-cell therapy tabelecleucel (tab-cel) for a rare form of blood cancer.

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T cell cytokine ‘backpacks’ target solid tumours

By Ben Hargreaves

Researchers from MIT have devised a way for T cells to be engineered to carry nanoparticle ‘backpacks’ that can deliver the payload only when interacting with the target tumour cells.


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Kite talks audits, training and dry runs across CAR T supply chain

By Dan Stanton

CAR T developers must be involved throughout the entire supply chain says Kite Pharma, which depends on accreditation and training programmes across its network of Yescarta administration clinics.