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Bio International 2024

Novartis to showcase next-gen manufacturing solutions at BIO 2024

By Isabel Cameron

Before the industry is set to arrive in San Diego for Bio International 2024, we spoke with Dr. Harald Oberegger, global head business development at Novartis Contract Manufacturing. At the event, the company will be showcasing its cutting-edge technologies,...

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Novartis inks contract manufacturing deal with Carisma

By Jane Byrne

Novartis continues down the third-party manufacturing route, as it secures an agreement with Carisma Therapeutics, a firm developing a cell therapy platform focused on engineered macrophage-based therapeutics.

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Setback for Novartis drug in advanced lung cancer trial

By Jane Byrne

Novartis reported today that a clinical trial of the drug, known as canakinumab, when combined with chemotherapy agent, docetaxel, failed to extend the lives of patients with advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer compared to just chemotherapy...