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Gavi sets aside $178m to stockpile Ebola vaccines

By Ben Hargreaves

Gavi establishes an Ebola vaccine program for the next five years, with a stockpile of vaccines created to be made available to low- and middle-income countries free of charge.

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The journey to an approved Ebola vaccine

By Ben Hargreaves

Europe approved the first vaccine for the Ebola virus, but the path to reach this point has taken many years and required a global effort.

ZMapp is produced with tobacco-plant based mAbs. (Picture: Kevin Bercaw)

CMO Kentucky Bioprocessing grows Ebola mAb from tobacco

By Fiona BARRY

ZMapp, the experimental Ebola therapy given to a handful of infected patients in West Africa, is being produced in tobacco plants for Mapp Biopharmaceutical by CMO Kentucky Bioprocessing in collaboration with drugmaker Defyrus.