Cancer Vaccine

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Cancer vaccine shows promising long-term survival data

By Isabel Cameron

Ultimovacs, a clinical-stage biotech developing novel immunotherapeutic cancer vaccines, has announced ‘encouraging’ overall survival (OS) data for its phase 1 clinical trial in malignant melanoma.


Moderna & Merck plan Phase 3 trial for cancer vaccine with Keytruda

By Rachel Arthur

An mRNA cancer vaccine, in combination with Keytruda, reduced the risk of recurrence or death in melanoma patients by 44% compared to Keytruda alone, according to Phase 2b data. Merck and Moderna plan to initiate a Phase 3 study in the coming months.


Building an mRNA giant: Moderna’s 7 priorities for 2023

By Rachel Arthur

mRNA pioneer Moderna wants to grow and thrive past its initial COVID-19 vaccine success. “To continue to build the best version of Moderna, we have established seven priorities for 2023,” says CEO Stephane Bancel: as the company outlines goals that range...


CureVac acquires Frame Cancer Therapeutics

By Rachel Arthur

CureVac has acquired Frame Cancer Therapeutics: with the German mRNA specialist planning to draw on Frame’s expertise in antigen identification and validation as it develops mRNA cancer vaccines.