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Amgen joins neuroscience exodus

By Ben Hargreaves

In third quarter financials, Amgen announces that it will end its R&D efforts in neuroscience to focus on diseases with a ‘large public health impact.

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Pharma takes interest in genomics to next level

By Ben Hargreaves

Four pharma companies are providing half of the investment required for ‘world’s largest genetics project’, in return for access to the genomic data generated.

The comments might just be the tip of the iceberg

Amgen, Pfizer weigh in on EMA draft guideline on biosimilars

By Zachary Brennan

Biopharma heavyweights Amgen, Pfizer and a number of other companies offered their unique takes on the biosimilar draft guidance from the EMA, calling for more clarity and some new additions before the final draft takes effect.

INN debate: IFPMA pushes for biosimilar label changes

Dispatches from DIA Euromeeting

INN debate: IFPMA pushes for biosimilar label changes

By Fiona BARRY

IFPMA will advocate for all biologics to have a qualifier added to their names at the WHO’s INN Consultation on April 8, the biologics giant Amgen has told