Purolite Corporation

Purolite Corporation

Purolite develops and manufactures resin beads used in the most regulated industries to separate, remove or recover very specific elements and compounds. Purolite produces more than 1,000 active commercial products.

Our core technology products are critical for a wide range of operations, including potable and groundwater, food and beverage, nuclear power and hydrometallurgy. They help these industries soften and demineralize water, purify sugar, remove radionuclides and concentrate valuable elements, such as gold, silver, and uranium from mineral ores.

Our healthcare and life science products provide innovative solutions for a range of applications, including chromatographic separation, diagnostics, nanoparticle milling, APIs and biocatalysis. These resins are solving critical challenges across global medical device, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our unmatched technical support, regulatory expertise and commitment to security of supply place Purolite resins at the forefront of the global Healthcare and Life Sciences marketplace.

Praesto®​ bioprocessing products aim to improve the accessibility and availability of cutting-edge antibody therapeutics worldwide, which are typically used to treat, extend life and improve quality of life for patients with cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other conditions. These agarose-based chromatographic resins are key raw materials for the downstream processing of antibodies and recombinant proteins, and are trusted by many of the leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers and CMOs. With hand-in-hand applications support and patented manufacturing technology, Praesto resins are currently implemented in FDA-approved commercial manufacturing processes and hundreds of clinical trials across the globe.

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