Novasep combines the expertise of specialists in purification processes and chemical synthesis. We strive to provide our customers with the best solutions for obtaining pure active molecules.

Novasep supplies process development services; purification equipment and systems; exclusive synthesis and/or purification services; and complex active molecules for the manufacture of APIs, advanced intermediates and biopharmaceuticals.

Novasep’ s solutions provide substantial benefits to produce pure molecules such as:

- Synthetic molecules, combining conventional chemistry with special technologies and know-how such as hazardous chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, HPAI handling, low temperature chemistry, biocatalysis, process chromatography, etc.

- Biomolecules, using innovative purification technologies including single unit operations or complete downstream processing from fermentation, cell culture or plants to final polishing, including membrane processes, ion exchange, chromatography, etc.


The applications of Novasep’s offering cover the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, bulk fermentation and functional ingredients markets.


As user of its own technologies, Novasep understands its customers’ challenges and shares its experience and know-how to provide the best solution with guaranteed performance.

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