Nicoya Lifesciences

Nicoya Lifesciences

Nicoya is a Canadian life sciences tools company specializing in innovative biosensor technology for the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. In their mission to improve human life, Nicoya provides scientists with user-friendly and integrated solutions that accelerate label-free biomolecular analysis. With their world-class expertise in nanotechnology and microfluidics, Nicoya is now helping hundreds of scientists succeed in over 50 countries.

Nicoya Alto®​: Digital Surface Plasmon Resonance​ 

Make discoveries, not compromises. As the world's friendliest SPR system, Alto revolutionizes real-time interaction analysis by overcoming the complexities of characterizing tough biological applications. Eliminate extensive assay development, dedicated operators, tricky protocols, and expensive materials from your workflow by leveraging Alto’s digitally-enabled interface. With a flexible 16-channel design, 2 μL sample requirements, automated sample preparation, and one-click analysis, Alto takes you from sample to answer within hours and equips your team with high-quality data to accelerate biotherapeutic development. Take your discoveries to the next level with Alto.

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