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Hired and Retired: Spring cleaning

By Ben Hargreaves

As we enter spring, several companies have refreshed the look of their executive boards – some to strengthen their direction and some out of necessity.

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Hired and Retired: Pharma C-suites see new faces

By Maggie Lynch

While last month saw many pharma executives leaving their positions to head towards smaller biotech companies, this month saw members of the industry climbing the ladder from various different starting points.

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Hired and Retired: Transitions at the top

By Ben Hargreaves

In a significant move at the larger end of the biopharma world, AstraZeneca’s global VP of cardiovascular, renal and metabolism made the move to Novo Nordisk to head up its biopharm unit.

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Hired and Retired: Big pharma to biotech trend continues

By Ben Hargreaves

As the stream of executives flowing from large pharma companies to smaller biotechs builds into a torrent, another month has passed with a number of significant switches. Notably, two former Genentech employees, responsible for work on some of its bestselling...

Inside Celltrion: a biosimilar success story built on landfill

Dispatches from Korea

Inside Celltrion: a biosimilar success story built on landfill

By Dan Stanton

Ambition, hard work and a focus on quality has made Celltrion the ‘pioneers of the mAb biosimilar industry,’ the firm told Biopharma-Reporter during a tour of its biomanufacturing site in Songdo, Korea.

BIO 2014: Photographs from inside the conference

BIO 2014: Photographs from inside the conference

By Zachary Brennan

Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton popped in for a long interview during one of the keynote luncheons to discuss all sorts of different topics with a BIO executive. The luncheon nicely complimented the international theme of the...

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