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Low recovery for pH-sensitive antibodies and Fc-formats?

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Low recovery for pH-sensitive antibodies and Fc-formats?

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Optimize your protein A step with a novel resin for elution at higher pH levels.

Maintaining high yields can be a challenge when working with standard protein A resins, which typically elute best at pH 3 – 3.5. Praesto®​ Jetted A50 HipH has been designed specifically for the elution of Fc-containing molecules up to pH 5.

Developed in collaboration with Repligen Corporation, Praesto Jetted A50 HipH is the only protein A resin with this capability.

  • Up to 60mg/ml dynamic binding capacity
  • Elution up to pH5
  • Resistant to 0.1 M NaOH for >100 CYCLES (15 min contact time)

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