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Will this be the first of many biosimilars to hit the Indian market?

Ranbaxy launches India’s first Remicade biosimilar

By Zachary Brennan

Ranbaxy Laboratories has launched the monoclonal antibody Infimab, the first Remicade (Infliximab) biosimilar, in India -- which is the first what could be a few home-grown biosimilar launches.  

Baxter plans new US R&D headquarters

Baxter Transitions Biopharma R&D to a New Hub in Cambridge

By Agnes Shanley

Baxter International plans to set up a new global R&D center in Cambridge, Mass, for Baxalta, its biopharmaceuticals spinoff, which is expected be formally incorporated next year and headquartered in northern Illinois. 

Some industry experts are doubting if consolidated companies can provide the same services as their former selves.

Dispatches from ChemOutsourcing

CMO consolidation: Do biopharma partners see any benefits?

By Zachary Brennan

As contract manufacturers continue to consolidate, some in the industry are questioning whether the resulting companies have the ability to offer the same services as the former individual companies. 

Bright eyes was OK at best

infographic feature

Better together? biosimilars sector says aye

By Gareth Macdonald and Dan Stanton

Partnerships are a mixed bag.For every oppressed group yearning to throw off the yoke of their imperialist overlords, there is an Art Garfunkel or Daryl Hall solo album to illustrate the positive impact collaboration can have.