Downstream Processing

Sanofi Genzyme's facility in Framingham, MA. Image c/o Sanofi

Sanofi expanding Fabrazyme plant in MA

By Dan Stanton

Sanofi will expand its Framingham, Massachusetts biomanufacturing facility by 14,820 square-foot to support its product portfolio.


Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress

Kite talks audits, training and dry runs across CAR T supply chain

By Dan Stanton

CAR T developers must be involved throughout the entire supply chain says Kite Pharma, which depends on accreditation and training programmes across its network of Yescarta administration clinics.

Repligen talks product diversification through M&A and R&D

Exclusive interview from Biotech Week Boston

Balancing the up and downstream: Repligen CEO talks R&D and M&A

By Dan Stanton

Repligen’s customer GE Healthcare opted to make its latest Protein A ligand in-house, but CEO Tony Hunt remains confident in his firm’s long-term partnerships and diversified bioprocessing offering.

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