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How Hazel Jones is charting new horizons in genomics

By Isabel Cameron

Hazel Jones is the CEO at Enhanc3D Genomics. We sat down with her to discuss her leap of faith into 3D genomics, and how she is scaling the business and driving operational change.

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CPHI North America 2024

Selkirk Pharma: Adapting to regulatory shifts and market demand

By Isabel Cameron

Ahead of CPHI North America, we caught up with Lisa Stiles, director, business development at Selkirk Pharma, an exhibitor at the event, to find out how the CMO is navigating regulatory changes, challenges and more.

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FDA settles ivermectin lawsuit, removes contentious COVID-19 posts

By Isabel Cameron

The FDA has agreed to permanently remove several social media posts urging people not to take ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, after a lawsuit brought by three doctors accused the regulatory body of interfering with their ability to practice...

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