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Biosimilars: developing, manufacturing and selling 2014

Biosimilars: developing, manufacturing and selling 2014

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Biosimilars are a hot topic for the pharmaceutical industry right now. For every drugmaker convinced of the market potential of such products, there are those who argue that the development challenges are insurmountable.

  • What are the development and manufacturing hurdles that biosimilar developers must overcome?
  • What are the technologies that firms interested in developing a version of Rituximab must consider to make sure their biosimilar is…. Similar enough?
  • Which are the global markets in which there is most potential for biosimilars?
  • Where are the emerging biosimilar production hubs?
  • What are skills that scientists working in the biosimilars sector need to have?
  • Are too many companies focused on the development of too few biosimilar targets?
  • What impact will biosimilars really have on healthcare cost?
  • How similar does a biosimilar have to be to gain approval in Europe? What about the US? Australia? India? China? Brazil?

All these topics and more will be discussed at our free online event: Biosimilars: developing, manufacturing and selling.

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