AbbVie’s Produodopa holds potential to become first-choice pump for advanced Parkinson’s

By Isabel Cameron

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Following the news that AbbVie has launched Produodopa to treat severe motor fluctuations in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD) in the European Union (EU), Christine Wong, neurology analyst at GlobalData, offers her view:

AbbVie’s Produodopa is the first-to-market subcutaneous infusion of levodopa. Produodopa uses a VYAFUSER pump that maintains a continuous, steady flow of levodopa throughout the day to control motor fluctuations in the form of off-episodes, dyskinesia, and hyperkinesia.

This novel delivery system of levodopa is expected to offer a non-invasive route of administration, reduce pill burden, and improve compliance while treating motor fluctuations in advanced PD patients.

Produodopa is intended to replace AbbVie’s own Duodopa (levodopa/carbidopa), an intestinal gel administered with an external portable pump, connected to a permanent tube through endoscopic gastrostomy, launched in 2015.

The key opinion leaders (KOLs) previously interviewed by GlobalData noted that the burden of carrying the pumping apparatus required for Duodopa treatment can often cause severe discomfort for patients.

The smaller size of the Produodopa pump is regarded as an advantage over Duodopa and is a welcomed option before invasive surgical procedures such as Duodopa and deep brain stimulation are offered to advanced PD patients.

However, Produodopa will compete with the continuous subcutaneous infusion of apomorphine, Britannia Pharmaceuticals’ Apo-go pump, which has been prescribed as an adjunctive therapy in Europe for the past 20 years for patients who still experience motor complications, despite four or five doses of levodopa during the day.

But, when compared to the continuous subcutaneous infusion of apomorphine or levodopa, KOLs stated a preference for levodopa formulations as it is the naturally occurring precursor to dopamine that is converted in the brain. As such, Produodopa is expected to be the first-choice subcutaneous delivery system.

Produodopa’s market entry will be followed by NeuroDerm's ND-0612 continuous subcutaneous (carbidopa + levodopa) pump. GlobalData forecasts ND-0612 to launch in the EU in Q2 2025.

KOLs noted that the administration of ND-0612 requires two injection entry points compared to Produodopa’s one. In addition, Produodopa may offer greater dosing flexibility, allowing higher concentrations of levodopa to be administered compared to ND-0612.

However, head-to-head clinical trials comparing the efficacy of Produodopa and ND-0612 do not appear to be on the horizon yet. Should ND-0612 receive approval, strong efficacy data, solid marketing, and competitive pricing will be needed to displace Produodopa as the first-choice subcutaneous pump for advanced PD patients.

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