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- Last updated on GMT is giving away a copy of 'On Immunity'. (Image: Ginny/Flickr) is giving away a copy of 'On Immunity'. (Image: Ginny/Flickr)
Did you know that throughout the nineteenth century, vaccination left a scar known as “the mark of the beast”? Or that parents believed vaccination would cause children to grow cows’ horns? is giving away a copy of Eula Bliss’s On Immunity: An Inoculation​, an examination of the history and cultural myths surrounding vaccination.

On Immunity​ – winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award – explores why the public justifiably feared early “arm-to-arm” methods of inoculation could communicate syphilis, and explains why the most likely children to be unvaccinated today have a family income over $75,000.

The book journeys from Voltaire’s time, when inoculation was performed by sniffing dried, ground scabs or sewing an infected thread into the hand, through to modern-day vaccine denialism, via Dracula​, the racial history of the US, and Greek myths.

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