Bayer injects €35m in biologics project expansion

By Alexandria Pešić

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Bayer HealthCare is investing €35m ($47m) in a new centre for the biotechnological production of ‘innovative’ pharmaceuticals to be used in clinical trials.

The company said the new cell biology facility centre, in Wuppertal, Germany, will represent “an investment in its long-term success,” with innovation being “the key to success”.

“Biological research and development is one of the pillars of our overall strategic concept. We want to increase the prospects of being able to offer new drugs in the fight against serious diseases,”​ a Bayer spokesperson told in-PharmaTechnologist.

“Therefore, we are working on the development of small molecular weight compounds as well as biological active ingredients,”​ she added.

Bayer said its main focus lies with the manufacture of antibodies, as well as coagulation factors and other therapeutic proteins, and the firm hopes the new centre will increase its chances of being able to offer new drugs in the fight against serious diseases such as cancer.

Operations at the 1000sq meter facility are expected to begin at the end of 2012 and the centre will house the equipment necessary for all stages of biotechnological procedure, said the firm.

‘Cleanrooms’ limit airborne germs

Bayer revealed that production will take place over two storeys of the building in ‘cleanrooms’ kitted out with air lock systems to limit contaminating airborne germs and particles to a minimum.

This cautionary measure may perhaps have been taken after the firm’s biologics manufacturing division experienced a number of cleaning validation problems at its US Clayton, North Carolina facility several years ago.

Technology areas, offices and social rooms will be distributed over a further three storeys, while 20 qualified members of staff will be employed to manufacture a range of products.

Dr Klaus Jelich, location manager at Bayer HealthCare in Wuppertal believes the new facility centre is “well-integrated”​ for every aspect of biotech production of drugs for clinical trials.

“From research and development to the production of active substances, we cover all important disciplines – namely those related to chemical and biological active ingredients​,” he added.

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