Pack-Smart, ISRA launch folded carton inspection tech

By Nick Taylor

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Pack-Smart and ISRA Surface Vision have developed a system to compare folded cartons against print quality requirements at speeds of up to 300 metres per minute.

Using the system, named CartonChek, pharma manufacturers can ensure cartons processed in folding gluing equipment meet print quality requirements defined by “grand master proof”. Pack-Smart and ISRA claim the system can help manufacturers improve profit margins, by eliminating manual inspection, and ensure product quality.

"The major advantage of Pack-Smart CartonCheck over other comparable systems is that it is modular, which allows for offline operation, as well as inline integration with folding gluing equipment”, said Roger Mattila, account manager at ISRA.

CartonChek inspects packages using a high resolution camera capable of detecting minor defects caused by upstream processes or human errors.

The image taken by the camera is compared against a grand master and electronic master file.

When the system detects a discrepancy between the product and the master file it triggers an alarm to alert the user. The non-compliant product is then rejected and prevented from progressing further. CartonChek can also verify barcodes and serial numbers for purposes of product traceability.

Furthermore, CartonChek includes recipe management and statistical information with reporting capabilities. Inclusion of these features is intended to reduce costs for users.

The system is fitted with servo controlled feeders, vacuum transports, precision registration modules and high speed ejection systems.

CartonChek is available with maximum carton sizes of 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm.

Pack-Smart and ISRA both demonstrated CartonChek at Graph Expo in Chicago, Illinois, US earlier this week.

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