Life Technologies to out-license CHO cell lines recombinant proteins

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Life Technologies has concluded license agreements, providing rights to its proprietary Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines for production of recombinant proteins used as therapeutic agents and vaccines.

The biotechnology tools company counts Advanced BioScience Laboratories, CAN Development, and Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical as just a few of its new licensees. Commercial use rights have also been granted to selected institutions currently using the cell lines for R&D.

The program comes as part of a new out-licensing strategy, providing intellectual property rights for recombinant proteins produced for the growing markets of bioproduction, therapeutics, diagnostics, veterinary medicine and vaccines.

The company claim its CHO lines provide protein manufacturers with good yields, reduce serum-associated risks, and contain no standard pathogens, and so are suitable for therapeutic manufacturing,

“This new global licensing program is a stellar example of one of the creative ways in which the company plans to provide broader access to the company’s intellectual property,” commented Paul Grossman, Senior vice president of strategy and corporate development at Life Technologies.

“[This] includes patents, biologics materials, trademarks and trade-secrets, which are designed to lead to revolutionary developments in drug and vaccine manufacture to ultimately improve healthcare,” he added.

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