Charter Medical launches single-use Bio-Pak culture bags

US group Charter Medical says its new-single use culture bags provide a stable environment that enhances cell growth and viability.

The new Bio-Pak bags are made from the firm’s Clear-Pak single web, multi-layer film which, Charter says, provides “superior gas barrier properties​.”

This superiority, according to data on Charter’s website, is based on the fact that the Clear-Pak film technology has oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates of less than 0.003 and 0.01 cc/100in2 day atm, respectively.

The new Bio-Pak culture bags, which are produced in a recently expanded ISO Class 7 clean room at Charter’s facility in North Carolina, expand the range and, according to president Peter Ferris, mean the firm offers a culturing “solution ranging in size from 50 milliliters to 3500 liters.”

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