New service to protect packaged pharmaceutical products

By Anna Lewcock

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Multisorb Technologies has introduced a new advanced simulation
service to help pharmaceutical companies determine the precise
amount of sorbent needed in their packaging to protect products
from moisture and degradation.

According to the company, the simulations run by the SimulSorb service can help pharmaceutical manufacturers identify the ideal stability solution for their drug product packaging much faster, speeding time to market by at least six months. The service can also result in cost savings, says the company, by calculating the exact amount of sorbent needed for a particular drug product's stability requirements. The company's SimulSorb service, a "pseudo-empirical modelling technique"​, simulates the packaged environment and predicts the relative humidity within the packaging and the hydration level of the drug product. "SimulSorb is a powerful tool for both formulation chemists and packaging engineers, enabling more accurate decision making when determining how to protect products against the damaging effects of moisture and oxygen,"​ said Adrian Possumato, global manager, pharmaceutical market at Multisorb. Pharmaceutical drug products are vulnerable to degradation through oxidation and moisture, which can impact on drug safety and shelf-life of the product. Sorbents, such as those offered by Multisorb, represent active packaging solutions that can protect against the effects of degradation and help ensure the integrity of packaged pharmaceuticals. "A number of active packaging components are available to help maintain pharmaceutical integrity;"​ says Possumato. "However, determining the optimal solution requires a calculated analysis that joins the expertise of packaging engineers and pharmaceutical formulation chemists."​ The SimulSorb service, which the company plans to present at the Interphex show in New York in April, allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to "borrow" Multisorb's expertise to help determine the most appropriate sorbent product for their needs. Possumato highlights the importance of looking at the entire manufacturing process when considering degradation-prevention options, emphasising that what might work in one part of an operation may not be suitable further down the line. For example, the sorbent that may seem most fitting for a particular product may not fit into the pharmaceutical container it is packaged in, or may not be compatible with some kinds of automated packing lines. "Protecting pharmaceuticals from degradation is important to ensure commercial success,"​ says Possumato. "When used appropriately, active packaging is an important part of the complete solution…The bottom line is to consider the whole gamut of factors involved in pharmaceutical degradation, and every aspect of upstream and downstream processing. Calculating these factors with a modelling system, supported by a knowledgeable partner, can lead to a more shelf-stable, and safer, product."

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