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Qiagen has launched an automated viral DNA and RNA purification
solution that provides improved sensitivity in purification and
detection of viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma, and cell-free
body fluids.

The EZ1 Virus Mini Kit enables purification of nucleic acids from a broad range of DNA and RNA viruses for life science applications such as development of antiviral drugs, QC of production materials, and viral epidemiology.

The EZ1 kit comes with pre-programmed protocols on the EZ1 virus card, which increases the flexibility of the workstation. Pre-filled reagent cartridges enable a fast and easy workable set-up, while the small footprint with no external PC, combined with variable sample throughput, make the BioRobot EZ1 system suited to laboratories processing clinically relevant samples.

A spokeswoman for Qiagen told DrugResearcher.com​: "We see great potential for a 'plug and play' system to automate purification of viral nucleic acids for clinical research applications."

"Adding the EZ1 virus mini kit broadens the appeal of this workstation and allows Qiagen to strengthen its offering to infectious disease researchers."

The EZ1 virus mini kit is suitable for recovery of viral nucleic acids from serum and plasma samples. Its ability to purify DNA and RNA enabling accurate and reproducible quantitation of viruses is also a notable feature.

In addition, compatibility of eluted nucleic acids with a range of downstream PCR assays means that viral genotyping assays are easily accomplished. Its performance in PCR assays allows accurate genotyping and quantitation of viral nucleic acids.

Its versatility makes it particularly suitable to scientists and researchers in hospital laboratories, public health & epidemiology labs, antiviral drug development labs and oncology researchers.

The spokeswoman added: "The EZ1 Virus Kit is optimised to meet demands of purifying viral nucleic acids. Other manufacturers of magnetic-particle chemistries offer kits for total nucleic acid isolation that are not optimised for viral nucleic acids."

The spokewoman added that she thought the range of both qualitative and quantitative PCR assays for viral research and diagnosis would continue to expand rapidly.

The kit is designed to be used with Qiagen's BioRobot EZ1 workstation to enable easy processing of 1-6 samples in parallel. In-tip separation and dedicated liquid-handling channels provide high levels of protection from cross-contamination. Purified nucleic acids are ready to use in a range of downstream detection assays.

The EZ1 Virus Mini Kit is available worldwide through Qiagen's​ network of subsidiaries and distributors. Pricing is available on request.

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