Evotec expands ADMET platform, EVOprofile

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The company Evotec OAI, a drug discovery and development solution
provider to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has
announced the successful expansion of their in vitro and in silico
ADMET (Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and
Toxicity) platform, EVOprofile.

This platform assists in profiling drug candidates with respect to their pharmacokinetic (PK), physiochemical, safety and toxicological properties reducing the risk for potential failure in later clinical development.

Its benefits include a rapid turnaround, real-time availability of validated data and the attractive business packages. Evotec plan to further expand its portfolio by adding additional in vitro and in silico assays throughout 2004.

Mark Ashton, PhD, president drug discovery services at Evotec​ OAI said: "Evotec has a long-standing track record in providing ADMET data to clients either on a stand-alone basis or integrated within a medicinal chemistry programme."

Evotec has integrated the EVOprofile technologies into its medicinal chemistry platform utilising a wide variety of screening formats.

"With the expansion of our EVOprofile platform we can provide integrated solutions for faster access to and prioritisation of validated hits and leads and to save months and even years in downstream development time and costs."

Renato Skerlj, vice president chemistry at AnorMed, added: "Determining physiochemical properties such as solubility and permeability within a given structural class provides valuable information for compound prioritisation prior to further PK studies."

"We have found the early ADMET solutions at Evotec very useful in assisting us in making effective decisions around our compound series of interest."

The EVOprofile's expansion joins a stable of Evotec's products which specialise in drug discovery and developmental capabilities including screening, medicinal chemistry and ADMET profiling.

The EVOrationale was a recently released platform which allows scientists to perform de novo structure determination of soluble targets, X-ray crystallography and computational chemistry, validation of screening hits and structure guided lead optimism at high speed.

The new platform has already been applied to a range of targets including kinases, GPCRs, proteases, enzymes and more complex protein-ligand interactions with considerable success.

The EVOprofile and rationale's manufacturer Evotec OAI, provide assay development and screening through to compound optimisation and drug manufacturing services to a broad and well-established network of customers. In addition, the company engages in selected discovery programmes to develop drug candidates for early out-licensing.

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