Novel bioreactor boosts protein yields

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Switzerland's Integra Biosciences has completed a study that
demonstrates how its recently introduced cell culture vessel can
improve the yield of recombinant proteins.

Integra​'s CELLine disposable bioreacter flask, first launched last summer, incorporates a woven polyethylene teraphthalate matrix in the cell compartment to provide an ideal surface for attachment of anchorage dependent cell lines such as HEK, BHK and CHO.

The new applications study was undertaken in conjunction with fellow Swiss firm Eugenix Biotechnologies, and showed that up to 70 traditional cell culture flasks (75 cm2) are necessary to achieve the same protein yields as a single CELLine adhere flask.

In addition the smaller volume of resultant concentrated protein product offers significant savings in the time, labour and material costs of the downstream processing and purification.

"The study clearly demonstrates the utility of the CELLine adhere in rapidly and cost effectively generating protein lead structures from an adherent mammalian cell line in quantities of 50-200mg suitable for biochemical and in-vivo activity studies,"​ said Integra.

The CELLine adhere uses a membrane technology in a two-compartment bioreactor the CELLine adhere enables high cell densities and corresponding product concentrations to be grown in both batch and semi-continuous culture modes.

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