Merck Bio launches proteomics tools

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Merck Biosciences has introduced a new range of kits for removing
and extracting protein from complex biological samples used in
proteomic analysis.

Merck Biosciences has introduced a new range of kits for removing protein from complex samples used in proteomic analysis. The products were introduced at the Biotechnica show in Hanover, which finished today.

Merck will sell the ProteoExtract Abundant Protein Removal Kits under its Calbiochem​ brand.

"One major challenge in disease marker identification with proteomics is the separation of complex samples prior to comparative analysis,"​ said the company in a statement.

The best sources of potential disease markers are body fluids. However, the main drawback to comprehensive proteomic analysis of serum or plasma is the dynamic range of the concentrations of the proteins present in the sample and the high abundance of albumin and immunoglobulin G (IgG) in particular, the former constituting up to 75 per cent of total serum proteins and the latter up to 27 per cent.

The ProteoExtract Removal Kits provide specific and efficient depletion of these two most abundant proteins from body fluids. Sample complexity is significantly reduced, and this enables the detection of the less abundant proteins, said the company.

Merck noted that the entire procedure is performed in a single disposable column, which simplifies handling and allows many samples to be processed in parallel. No centrifugation step is required and the procedure is complete within 20 minutes, and the company claims that the affinity resins exhibit little to zero non-specific binding and more than 80 per cent of albumin and IgG.

Once they are protein-depleted, the samples are ready for further downstream analysis by liquid chromatography or 1-D or 2-D gel electrophoresis. Two ProteoExtract Removal Kit options are available, one for albumin and the other for IgG.

Protein extraction

Merck also unveiled new ProteoExtract kits designed for the extraction of proteins from a wide range of sources including bacteria, yeast, tissue cultures cells and mammalian tissues at the Biotechnika​ meeting.

The ProteoExtract Sub-Cellular Proteome Extraction Kit is the first kit in the range and allows detection of proteins located in different sub-cellular compartments. Purified proteins are obtained in the native and functional state, making the kit suitable for many downstream applications such as1-D and 2-D gel electropheresis, immuno-blotting, enzyme activity and sub-cellular redistribution assays.

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