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Scale-Up of Multicolumn Chromatography

Pall Life Sciences | 21-Jun-2017 | PDF Application note
The Cadence™ BioSMB platform from Pall Life Sciences is the first disposable flow path, continuous multicolumn chromatography s...

An Innovative Design for Single-use Bioreactors

Pall Life Sciences | 01-Jun-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
For many years cylindrical stainless steel tanks have been used in biopharmaceutical production.The primary reason for the cylindrical sh...

Guide to Continuous Bioprocessing

Pall Life Sciences | 11-May-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Continuous manufacturing has been established in several processing industries for many years, providing many benefits over batch manufac...

Engineering Performance: Single-Use Bioreactor

Pall Life Sciences | 01-May-2017 | PDF Application note
Single-use bioreactors have only been cylindrical in design, until now. The Allegro™ STR single-use, stirred tank bioreactor provides adv...

Micro-Matrix: a scale down system for lab scale microbial cultures

Applikon Biotechnology | 24-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Biological product engineering relies on selecting the best performing microbial strain and finding optimal culture conditions. The scree...

Robust Virus Retention with Pressure Interruptions

Pall Life Sciences | 17-Oct-2016 | PDF Application note
Virus filtration is a vital part of the viral clearance strategy in bioprocesses. In filtration, size exclusion mechanisms are ortho...

Continuous mAb Chromatography Process Optimization

Pall Life Sciences | 25-Jul-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Learn the advantages of transferring from single column to continuous chromatography processes with connected unit operations. This poste...

Manufacturing Recombinant Protein Therapeutics under Cost Constraints

Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH | 16-Jun-2016 | PDF Product presentation
Therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins represent one of the fastest growing segments in the drug pipeline...

Survey Report: State of the Biopharmaceutical Industry 2016

William Reed Business Media | 14-Jun-2016 | PDF Insight guide
In May 2016, BioPharma-Reporter conducted its inaugural ‘state of the industry’ survey. The key objective of the poll was to gauge views...

Case Study: Biosimilar Facility Design & Construction

EMD Millipore | 13-Apr-2016 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
As many biologics will or have come off patent, the opportunity for competition, and potentially lower costs through biosimilars, is crea...
1 to 10 of 32 results Page 1 2 3 > Results per page

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