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Biological Production Forum 2014, Ireland

Dublin played host to the Biological Production Forum 2014. Industry experts and representatives from some of the largest Big Biopharma attended and so too did, as part of a weeklong tour of the Emerald Isle.

Protein Sciences lauds benefits of Pfizer refit in commercial scale-up

13-Jun-2014 - Small biotechs should consider buying mothballed plants when scaling-up according to Protein Sciences, which says an ex-Pfizer facility was key to accelerating production of its vaccine Flublok.

J&J's energy answers are blowing in the wind in Irish collaboration

09-Jun-2014 - J&J says it collaborated with Novartis and GSK to install wind turbines in Cork, Ireland to substantially reduce electricity costs at its local manufacturing plants.

Pfizer, Merck and J&J discuss differing biosimilar strategies

06-Jun-2014 - Big biopharma biosimilar development strategies vary substantially with Pfizer, Merck and Janssen split on how best to approach the burgeoning market.

Another Soliris recall as Alexion evaluates its manufacturing network

03-Jun-2014 - Alexion has recalled another nine lots of Soliris after finding "visible particles" in vials of the $600,000-a-year  drug for the third time in 10 months.

Biopharma wary of disposable systems for large-scale production... for now

28-May-2014 - Janssen has mirrored Pfizer’s concerns about the scale, price and robustness of using single-use technology for high-volume production but says industry collaboration could help bring standards in place.

Inside NIBRT: Ireland’s 'flight simulator for biopharma manufacturing'

27-May-2014 - A government funded bioprocessing institute is helping to drive biopharma investment and retrain workers in Ireland, and visited to find out what happens in this "flight simulator for biopharma manufacturing."...


Pfizer stays stainless saying single-use cost burdens high volume production

14-May-2014 - Single-use technology for high volume biomanufacturing is riddled with problems and will only be fully implemented by industry once the cost drops, according to Pfizer.

Day 3

Bioprocess industry flocks to Ireland, and so do we

13-May-2014 - Famous for its natural beauty and the 'good craic,' Ireland is also a hub of biomanufacturing and Biopharma-Reporter is visiting the Emerald Isle to report the latest tech and trends...

Dispatches from the Biological Production Forum, Dublin

Sartorius: QbD for single-use systems could help assure quality

13-May-2014 - Though industry has fully embraced single-use, manufacturers of such systems need to remove the risk of extractables and leachables and control the supply process according to Sartorius.

Dispatches from the Biological Production Forum

Valeant puts head in the Cloud to manage over 800 CMOs

13-May-2014 - Managing over 800 CMOs could lead to quality and compliance nightmares but Valeant says it has come up with a unique cloud-based strategy. 

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