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Proven compatibility of Biologics in ADVASEPT® Vials

Catalent | 30-Nov-2015 | PDF Clinical study
The advanced aseptic processing of ADVASEPT® technology can reduce the risk associated with aseptic filling of biologics and drastically...

In search for “A cell line for Life”

Fujifilm | 23-Nov-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
The key to developing an elegant, robust and manufacturing-ready process starts during cell line and process development. Early identific...

Tactical strategies for healthcare M&A success

UPS UK | 27-Oct-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
At UPS, our core business is helping companies manage change. We’ve worked with lots of healthcare companies during M&A transitions a...

Screening for growth conditions using micro-Matrix

Applikon Biotechnology | 12-Oct-2015 | PDF Case study
Screening of large number of cell lines, specific media or target drug could be tedious and expensive work. This is also the case for the...

How product design influences an extractable profile

Thermo Fisher Scientific | 05-Oct-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers have an obligation to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products they produce. This requirement drive...

Rotor exchange simplified

Thermo Fisher Scientific | 01-Oct-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
You may often need to quickly change your centrifuge rotor, for different application requirements. Manual rotor exchange can be time-con...

New White Paper: Multiplexing in Bioanalysis

SGS Life Science Services | 28-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
SGS scientists have validated a multiplex, bead-based immunoassay which determines nine cytokines simultaneously per sample, resulting in...

Bringing a Small Molecule to Clinic Ebook

Catalent | 22-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
It’s time to transition your molecule discovery to a commercial drug launch. While achieving rapid time to-market is critical, so is avoi...

Getting Big Benefits from Small Components

AdvantaPure® | 14-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Like a chain, a biopharma transfer system depends on each of its links being strong enough to protect the integrity of the materials bein...

How sustainability efforts could change your supply chain for the better

World Courier | 14-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Going green is moving from a clichéd corporate phrase to simply the way business is run. Companies around the globe continue to make sign...

When clean is critical

Thermo Fisher Scientific | 31-Aug-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Different applications require containers that are at varying levels of cleanliness to avoid contamination. But in order to ensure that y...

Expansion of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Single-Use Bioreactors

Eppendorf | 24-Aug-2015 | PDF Research study
Stem cell-based regenerative medicine has great potential to advance the therapeutic treatment of human diseases. Among the various stem...

Accurate control of Glucose and Lactate in bioreactors

Applikon Biotechnology | 10-Aug-2015 | PDF Research study
The Applikon BioSenz is a unique measuring device specifically developed for measuring & controlling glucose and lactate in bioreacto...

How Molded Manifold Assemblies Prevent Leaks

AdvantaPure® | 22-Jun-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Pharmaceutical fluid transfer involves many tubing-to-fitting connections, and unfortunately those connections can leak and result in con...

Efficient bioprocess development

Eppendorf | 15-Jun-2015 | PDF Application note
Bioprocess development requires software that not only monitors and controls process runs, but also integrates design, execution and eval...

Ten Tips for Single-Use Pharma Tubing Selection

AdvantaPure® | 08-Jun-2015 | PDF Application note
Tubing used in biopharmaceutical applications has particular requirements. Among them are the ability to withstand sterilization processe...
Using Multiple Techniques in Protein Characterization

Using Multiple Techniques in Protein Characterization

SGS Life Science Services | 25-May-2015 | PDF Case study
The aggregation of biopharmaceuticals is a complex process, for efficient analysis it’s essential to carefully select orthogonal methods...

RAM Resonance Acoustic Mixer, Shaken Not Stirred

Applikon Biotechnology | 20-Apr-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
The RAM® bench top biological mixer utilizes Resonant Acoustic® technology that applies low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy to...
The Changing Microbial Protein Market

The Changing Microbial Protein Market

20-Apr-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Cobra produced its first protein product in 1995 and has since offered a range of development/cGMP services for mammalian and microbially...
Generating scalable results in micro-bioreactors

Generating scalable results in micro-bioreactors

Applikon Biotechnology | 14-Apr-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Micro-bioreactors are gaining market share in R&D laboratories. Common applications are strain selection, medium optimization and opt...

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