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Biopharma is Big Business for drugmakers. But it's also becoming Big Business for the entertainment industry with everyone from pulp authors, Hollywood screenwriters and TV scribes weaving biotech and biodrugs into their latest plots.

In the 'Biopharma Culture' Blog the editorial team will take a look at the portrayal of biopharmaceuticals and the industry that makes them. We will also discuss the coverage of biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the wider media and politics. 


Mice in microgravity: how rodent research in space accelerates study timelines

08-Jun-2017 - Forty mice were launched into space last week aboard the SpaceX Dragon, which will deliver the genetically engineered research models to the International Space Station for study in microgravity.

Biodefense: Canada develops novel live virus smallpox vaccine from horsepox

07-Mar-2017 - Canada-based Tonix Pharmaceuticals has developed a novel live-virus vaccine for smallpox, which the firm claims is a safer alternative for biodefense stockpiles.


Raging bull' - Vaccines don’t cause autism and saying otherwise costs lives

22-Feb-2017 - Vaccines do not cause autism and people who say otherwise are wrong.

Humira biosimilar developers: can you find who's taking on AbbVie?

23-Dec-2016 - Over 30 companies are looking to compete against Abbvie in the adalimumab space. Can you find them all in our word search?

RenovaCare looks to use skin as ‘natural bioreactor’ to treat burns

30-Aug-2016 - A device that isolates and sprays a patient’s own stem cells onto serious burns could have significant implications in the organ regeneration industry, says developer RenovaCare.

Antibiotic resistance most imminent threat to humanity, says bacteriophage maker

16-Aug-2016 - Phages, peptides and live biotherapeutics could help combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria but don’t expect heavy R&D investment until people start dying from post-operative infection, says EpiBiome.

Don't deny HIV patents lymphoma treatment, say US researchers

08-Jul-2016 - HIV patients with lymphoma should be offered a standard treatment for the cancer which many have been denied for years.

Research shows neural stem cells strike a spinal cord in rat models

29-Mar-2016 - Researchers at the University of California have successfully regenerated corticospinal tract tissue in rat models using stem cell-derived neurons.

Needle in a haystack? Anti-vaxx pins may have adverse consequences

08-Feb-2016 - Persuasive anti-vaxx posts on social media may stop parents vaccinating their kids say researchers.

CRISPR editing gives mosquitoes malaria-resistant DNA

24-Nov-2015 - Scientists trying to curb malaria deaths usually concentrate on preventing mosquito bites or developing human vaccines and therapies, but novel gene-editing tool CRISPR is opening up another path.

Animal study shows benefit from gene therapy in late-stage eye disease

06-Nov-2015 - Corrective gene therapies for an inherited eye disease could allow even patients with later stages of the disease to benefit from intervention. 

Car fumes increase Alzheimer's risk in people genetically predisposed, study

25-Sep-2015 - Air pollution increases the likelihood that people genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s will develop the disease according to Mexican researchers.

Mammoth undertaking: CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing goes beyond medicine

22-May-2015 - Big Pharma is not the only slow moving behemoth involved in the CRISPR/Cas9 revolution with a US team citing the gene editing tech as key to its efforts to resurrect the...

Path of Khan: DNA tests show millions of Asian men descended from 11 nomadic kings

12-Mar-2015 - Ancient nomadic kings’ love of life in the saddle did not hamper another of their favourite pastimes according to a study suggesting millions of Asian men are descended from just...


'On Immunity': enter’s free book giveaway

13-Jan-2015 - Did you know that throughout the nineteenth century, vaccination left a scar known as “the mark of the beast”? Or that parents believed vaccination would cause children to grow cows’...

Exclusive extract: 'On Immunity: An Inoculation' by Eula Biss

13-Jan-2015 - In an exclusive extract from her recent book On Immunity: An Innoculation, author Eula Biss describes her exploration of the social history and cultural myths surrounding vaccines.To be in with...

Scientists content this winter: Genes show car park skeleton is Richard the third

02-Dec-2014 - Richard the III was blond, blue-eyed and may owe a substantial parking fine based on new genetic research that solves a 529-year old missing persons case.


'In space, no one can hear you sneeze,' say mythbusting virologists

14-Nov-2014 - There is no evidence that Ebola arrived on Earth from the stars, say a number of virologists, debunking media speculation that viruses had their origins in the Milky Way.

editor's blog

Walk like an Egyptian? Not if you have ankylosing spondylitis says study

21-Oct-2014 - Ramesses II didn't need Enbrel, Remicade, Humira or any other TNFα blocker according to a study that rejects the idea the pharaoh was plagued, all puns intended, by ankylosing spondylitis....


Nobel prizes and the world’s top drug: a gallery of Scottish pharma

17-Sep-2014 - On the eve of the historical vote on Scottish independence from the UK tomorrow, we take a look at the pharma inventions Scotland gave the world.


'I'm not fat, it's viral' - Phage found in gut bacteria may aid obesity

01-Aug-2014 - A newly discovered virus which infects intestinal bacteria might be a cause of obesity, but could increasing interest in bacteriophages drive new personalised medicines and alternatives to antibiotics?

News focus

60-year old smallpox found in US FDA lab may still be viable, if only live vaccines lasted as long

09-Jul-2014 - For live vaccine manufacturers working to extend shelf-life, the discovery that 60-year old smallpox virus found at a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lab could still be viable will be...

We’re gonna need a bigger bond: studying sharks to make better mAbs

10-Jun-2014 - Shark antibodies survive in urea concentrations that would denature other proteins thanks to a newly discovered structure that scientists say could be used to make therapeutic mAbs more robust.

Inside NIBRT: Ireland’s 'flight simulator for biopharma manufacturing'

27-May-2014 - A government funded bioprocessing institute is helping to drive biopharma investment and retrain workers in Ireland, and visited to find out what happens in this "flight simulator for biopharma manufacturing."...

Biosimilars, bio-differences: Breakdown of US State substitution laws

18-Apr-2014 - The US biosimilars market is becoming complicated even before the US FDA has issued manufacturers with clear guidance, thanks to a rapidly evolving patchwork of varying State substitution laws.

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